Tuesday, October 13, 2015

MO GOP statement on Democratic debate: They're all crazy!

(From the Missouri Republican Party)

John Hancock, Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party, released the following statement on the Democratic Presidential Debate:

“This debate showed just how radical today’s Democratic Party has become. In fact, we now live in a country where one of the major political parties is debating whether or not capitalism is a good idea.

“We also witnessed the sad spectacle of Hillary Clinton and others competing with a self-professed socialist for the title of most-liberal candidate on the stage. While Clinton and Bernie Sanders varied in tone and style, the basic substance of their answers was always the same: more government intervention, more regulations, and more handouts.

“This debate made it clear that, regardless who the Democrats nominate, their candidate for president will be committed to continuing the failed policies of Barack Obama."


Anonymous said...

Somehow you guys just don't get it. The next President will be determined by the Democratic Primary. You have lost already and you are the only folks who do not know that. Republicans are dying of old age every day and new Democrats are being born every day. You probably have less than twenty years before your party collapses from non support.

Anonymous said...

Keep drinking that Kool-Aid 8:24 and waiting for your entitlement

Anonymous said...

8:24: You left out how the harsh realities of liberal policies, unfortunately largely supported by Republicans at the national level, causes people every day to drop their affiliation with the Democratic Party. All the Republican party has to do is to give them a credible alternative, and they haven't since 2004.

Anonymous said...

There was more substance and serious discussion of the issues during the Dem debate than both Repub debates.

Capitalism unchecked has proven time and time again that if left to their own, the free market will not do the right things for the right reasons. A discussion of that is warranted unless you want a country run by monopolies & oligarchies.

Anonymous said...

You must have been watching a different debate 11:38. Candidates dodged the tougher questions and were given softballs. Sanders just seems angry and all he does is yell. He talks and has no plan on how to accomplish anything. Hillary is deceptive, dishonest and as the debates began showing last night, unelectable. No substance to any of these candidates whatsoever. Still waiting for someone to stand out..