Monday, October 26, 2015

Final hearing on Missouri learning standards held

Despite the directive of the state legislature, the fix was in when the meetings to devise new learning standards for Missouri, thanks to officials with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) putting their thumbs on the scales. It will be interesting to see how they spin Common Core as Missouri learning standards.

DESE issued the following news release after the final public hearing today:

The third public hearing on recommendations from academic standards work groups formed under HB 1490 took place Monday afternoon in Jefferson City.

Work groups presented their recommended standards to the State Board of Education followed by a public comment session.

“High academic standards are critical for the success of Missouri’s children,” said Missouri Commissioner of Education Margie Vandeven. “We encourage everyone to read the proposed standards created by parents and educators and provide feedback.”

The work groups made their final recommendations available to the State Board on Oct. 1, as required by law. The General Assembly’s Joint Committee on Education and academic researchers will have the opportunity to see and comment on the standards.

A public comment period on the proposed standards will be available via the Department website from Nov. 2 – Dec. 2. The review process is expected to take several months to ensure the standards continue Missouri's tradition of setting high expectations for students.

Members of the State Board will have final approval of the standards. Their decision is expected in March of 2016. State statute requires that the new standards go into effect for the 2016-17 school year.

High academic expectations are one way Missouri is working to reach the primary goal of the Top 10 by 20 initiative: All Missouri students will graduate ready for college and career.


Anonymous said...

Do we have to follow this state board garbage?
How do we change who is at DESE?
Two worthless groups.

Anonymous said...

The way to change that is to get the same state legislature that took Common Core away to take DESE funding away. The legislature is in control here. Hold their feet to the fire.