Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mommy and daddy paying David Wallace's attorneys

David Wallace has gone through millions of dollars of other people's money over the past few years, including allegations that he raider his children's trust fund and now that he needs $5,000 to hire a law firm he has found another source of money- his parents.

A statement from Wallace's new attorney was filed September 28 in U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas. Wayne Kitchens of the firm of Hughes Watters Askanase LLP said he had been hired by David Wallace's parents and that the $5,000 was just the beginning.

"We will in all likelihood require and receive additional funds necessary to maintain such services."

Wallace, the former master developer for the City of Joplin, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy March 24. Since the judge opened the door for adversary lawsuits against Wallace, five such actions have been filed, with claims that Wallace committed fraud and operated Ponzi schemes.


Anonymous said...

Good--they spawned that greedy monster, they should pay his bills

Anonymous said...

Is Joplin still winning like Charlie Sheen With Wallace Bajjali?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure its the same money he stole, except daddy has been HOLDING it for him. All that money he stole went into an account that we do not even know about. And since the federal government are a bunch lazy bums, what can we expect. The FBI has been clueless the entire time. The investors have done everything to get them to MOVE on this guy along with the other thieves such as Frishberg, Bajjali and Kaleta. But NOTHING. Its a crime when FBi just sits around with a thumb up its ass. Allows criminals like this to get away with it.