Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Ten candidates remain for vacant Joplin City Council seat

The following news release was issued today by the City of Joplin, but the Turner Report has been told that one of the 11 candidates listed for the City Council position left vacant by the resignation of Mike Woolston, Joshua Bard, has removed his name from consideration. The news release is printed below:

Joplin’s 11 applicants for the vacant General City Council Seat have been invited to attend the Council’s October 19 meeting and provide a five-minute overview of their qualifications and their reasons for wanting to serve the city.

After hearing from the candidates, Council members will select one by a majority vote to fill the vacancy through April 2016, and the remaining two years of this Council seat would be included in the municipal election held in April. This Council seat became vacant upon the acceptance of Mike Woolston’s resignation at the September 21 meeting.

The 11 candidates (listed in order the City received their application) are: Harvey Hutchinson, Howie Nunnelly, Kyle Prisock, James Maynard, Roy Winans, Rylee Hartwell, Keenan Cortez, Joshua Bard, Dan McCreary, William Tylle, and Nathan Parker.

For more information, contact the City Clerk at 624-0820, ext. 220.

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