Tuesday, October 20, 2015

McCaskill: The time for gun safety legislation is now

(From Sen. Claire McCaskill)

The senseless gun violence we witness in our country makes me sick. We’ve seen 150 school shootings in the nearly three years since Sandy Hook, and here in Missouri, we lost 62 children to gun violence in one year alone.

It’s horrific; it’s tragic; and if we shrug our shoulders and do nothing, we are part of the problem.

That’s why I’ve joined with Senate Democrats to introduce a set of commonsense principles that would bolster background check laws, close loopholes and crack down on the sale of illegal guns.

Now we need you to rise up and call on Congress to put these principles into law before more lives are lost: Add your name to demand Congress pass commonsense gun legislation to keep our communities safe.

After all the tragedy we’ve witnessed, the NRA and powerful gun lobby continue to stand in the way of lifesaving gun safety legislation that Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of.

But if we lock elbows, we can demand Congress finally pass the sensible legislation that would help stop gun violence. Americans need to come together and call on Congress to take action now to stop gun violence. Please be a part of it.

Tell Congress: Pass commonsense legislation to stop senseless gun violence.


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