Friday, October 23, 2015

How did your school district rank in annual performance ratings?

Annual performance ratings for Missouri schools were released today by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Listings for K-12 schools in Jasper, Newton, Barton, and McDonald counties are listed below, beginning with the 2015 score, followed by scores for 2014 and 2013:

1. Jasper 97.9, 92.9, 90.7
2. Golden City 96.0, 89.3, 80.0
3. Carl Junction 95.0, 95.0, 94.3
4. Liberal 94.6, 92.5, 90.7
5. Webb City 93.9, 95.0, 87.5
6. Neosho 92.5, 88.2, 89.3
7. Lamar 91.4, 89.3, 88.6
7. Seneca 91.4, 83.9, 89.3
9. East Newton 91.1, 93.9, 89.6
10. McDonald County 90.7, 94.3, 92.9
11. Carthage 87.9, 78.2, 85.0
12. Joplin 86.8, 85.0, 78.6
13. Sarcoxie 82.9, 79.3, 75.4
14. Diamond 81.4, 70.7, 78.6

In K-8 schools, Westview scored 100 percent this year and last year and 97.5 percent in 2013, while Avilla scored 66.0 this year, 92.5 last year, and 97.5 in 2013.

For all Missouri school districts and a breakdown of how the scores were achieved, go to this link.


Anonymous said...

Oh look--Joplin was almost at the bottom again. Certainly tanked compared to the other school districts of any size at all. And people are still on CJ's blog THANKING him for all he did "for the kids" in Joplin. Their idiocy is certainly a reflection of their children's performance.

This is horrible. Guess Bloomberg didn't save the day after all, did he, Sarah? Cravens? Dosher? Pack of fools. Nothing you have done has worked. Step out of the way, please. We don't need any more of what you have to offer. Do it for the kids. Resign.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the biggest travesty continues to be Diamond. Complete turnover the last few years, out of control band of redneck fools for a school board and look what their vendetta got them. Be proud diamond. At least you first in some thing; setting an example of what a miserable school district looks like. Wow. The WORST performing school district in sw Missouri. Job well done to a pathetic pack of fools on that school board.