Friday, January 06, 2017

Billy Long: I will continue to stand by Israel

(From Seventh District Congressman Billy Long)

On the eve of Hanukkah, the Obama administration abstained from voting on a United Nations (UN) Security Council resolution that condemned Israeli settlement construction. By not vetoing the resolution, the administration allowed the one-sided resolution to pass. Israel faces numerous security concerns from the instability in the Middle East, and the message that was sent from the United States only serves to weaken our relationship.

That’s why I voted in favor of a House Resolution that would reject the anti-Israel UN resolution that was passed in December. Since 1972 the United States has vetoed 42 anti-Israel UN resolutions. The House Resolution that was passed opposes the UN Security Council anti-Israel resolution, calls for a repeal of the resolution and highlights how the Obama administration went against longstanding U.S. policy that has continually protected Israel from one-sided UN resolutions. Finally, it warns that any future anti-Israel resolutions should be rejected.

The last eight years have been challenging. I have watched the Obama administration sit on its hands as Israel continues to be bullied by the international community. I look forward to having a president who stands by Israel, our only democratic ally in the region, and sees it as a friend rather than a burden.

As Israel continues to be our strongest strategic, military and economic ally in the Middle East, the United States needs to remain on the right side of history and support our strongest ally. The United States must continually express its support for the people of Israel. I believe that on January 20, 2017, when President-elect Donald Trump is sworn into office, Israel will finally have the friend and ally it deserves.

As the 115th Congress begins, I will continue to support legislation that strengthens our relationship with Israel. With a new Congress and a new administration, I am confident that Israel will once again see the United States as a strong ally it can count on.


Anonymous said...

Israel has turned into a true Nazi State and is not deserving of our support or our money.

Anonymous said...

You would think that Israel would not oppress the Palestinian people - since they were once oppressed themselves (that they would have some sensitivity). Israel continues to build settlements on Palestinian land and were irate when "called out" on this by a passed UN resolution. Israel does not want a "two state solution" - instead a "Greater Israel" that is an "apartheid" state.

The reason our "coward" politicians always "stand by" Israel - is that they know their political careers would be in danger if they do not support Israel "unconditionally".

The US supports Israel "nuclear ambiguity" by not acknowledging that Israel has nuclear weapons - thus not subjecting Israle to sign the nuclear proliferation agreement and not be subjecting Israel to the "Symington Act" - where it is illegal to give foreign aid to a country that will not sign the nuclear proliferation agreement.

The bottom line is that it is very embarrassing to live in a county (and be a citizen of) - that supposedly supports "human rights" and lets Israel commit such horrendous human right violations??? How hypocritical is that??

Anonymous said...

Always remember the U.S.S. Liberty.

Anonymous said...

The reason we are quiet about their 250 nuclear bombs is because Lyndon Johnson gave them the damned bombs. Funny thing is, we forced South Africa to give up the 9 nuclear bombs in their arsenal but have never even tried to get Israel to do the same. The loose cannon on deck is that the IDF lacks the control factors that even India and Pakistan employ.

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