Saturday, May 06, 2023

Fallen Joplin police officers added to Missouri Law Enforcement Memorial

(From the Missouri Department of Public Safety)

Eleven officers who made the ultimate sacrifice were honored at the Missouri Law Enforcement Memorial Service today, including four who were viciously shot and killed in 2022. We will always honor the 742 heroes whose names are inscribed on the Law Enforcement Memorial Wall of Honor.

(From the Joplin Police Department)

Earlier today, several officers from Missouri who died in the line of duty in 2022 were officially added to Missouri Law Enforcement Memorial, including those of Corporal Ben Cooper and Officer Jake Reed. Today's service in Jefferson City honored these brave officers, along with all 742 officers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in our great state.


The Joplin Police Department remembers and honors our fallen heroes:

Officer Jake Reed (EOW 3-9-2022)
Corporal Ben Cooper (EOW 3-8-2022)
Officer Tim Nielson (EOW 9-13-2004)
Lieutenant Richard Gammill (EOW 9-7-1989)
Patrolman Paul Harlan (EOW 12-6-1979)
Patrolman Robert Clifton (EOW 12-5-1967)
Patrolman Raymond Endicott (EOW 10-8-1949)
Chief Kendrick Lloyd (EOW 4-17-1948)
Detective Harry McGinnis (EOW 4-13-1933)
Captain Alexander Lachman (EOW 6-26-1931)
Detective Alex Brown (EOW 12-18-1928)
Chief of Detectives Jessie Laster (EOW 8-23-1926)
Detective William Wolsey (EOW 12-8-1917)
Reserve Officer Louis Wells (EOW 6-3-1916)

Patrolman William Smith (EOW 11-15-1909)
Patrolman Claude Brice (EOW 12-31-1904)
Patrolman John Ledbetter (EOW 6-10-1903)
Patrolman Theodore Leslie (EOW 4-14-1903)
Patrolman Bert Brannon (EOW 4-24-1901)
Patrolman James Sweeney (EOW 4-23- 1901)
Sergeant Daniel Sheehan (EOW 7-19-1885)
K9 Cezar (EOW 9-11-2007)
*Master Patrolman Jefferson Taylor- Riverside Police (EOW 6-3-2011)

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