Monday, May 08, 2023

Lamar man sentenced to 30 years for meth trafficking

(From the Barton County Prosecuting Attorney's Office)

Chase William Warner entered a guilty plea on March 16, 2023, in the Circuit Court of Barton County, Missouri. Warner, 32 years of age, pleaded guilty to the class B felony of trafficking in the first degree for events occurring on August 30, 2022, in Golden City, Missouri. 

Deputy Toby Luce arrested Warner on outstanding warrants and located 62 grams of methamphetamine in Warner’s backpack.

On May 4, 2023, Judge David Munton sentenced Warner to 30 years in the Missouri Department of Corrections, subject to Section 217.362 RSMo. /Long term treatment Programs. Warner is being held in a county jail awaiting transportation to the Department of Corrections.


Anonymous said...

It's Judge David Mouton.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Anonymous but Randy had it correct. Judge David MOUTON is in Jasper County. Judge David MUNTON is in Barton County.