Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Mom, they've got my meth; Grandma, that gun is in there, too

There are some things you should never say when you are sitting in a Highway Patrol car.

Using your phone to call your mother and provide an update on the situation is generally considered to be unwise.

Telling your mother "the police found all the meth," is on the list of things you are never supposed to do.

It really didn't matter. 

Devion K. J. Boykin, 26, making his telephone call while the Highway Patrol trooper was otherwise occupied, had already told the first woman he talked to (he said it was his grandmother) "there's a hundred pounds of meth," and "that gun is in there, too."

While Boykin was talking to the women in his life in a conversation that was picked up by the audio/video in the Patrol cruiser, the trooper, backed up by a Sarcoxie police officer was already discovering the presence of the methamphetamine and the gun.

A charge of possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute was filed this morning in U. S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri.

During an interview at the Troop D satellite office, Boykin said on May 26 he traveled from Erie, Pennsylvania to Phoenix, Arizona where he met with a Hispanic male who took him to another Hispanic male who gave him a blue suitcase and a Versace bag. Boykin said he knew the items contained drugs, but he did not know whether he was carrying meth, cocaine or heroin. When he returned to Erie, he said, he was supposed to deliver the drugs to someone at a motel where he would be paid $7,000.

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Anonymous said...

"there's a hundred pounds of meth," and "that gun is in there, too."

Tell me you're in the Four Corners where stuff happens in just a few words.