Friday, May 26, 2023

Mike Landis company buys Miami radio stations for $100,000

Radio Insight reports that Land Go Radio Group, owned by Mike Landis, Joplin, bought two Miami, Oklahoma radio stations for $100,000.

Taylor Made Broadcasting sold AC 100.9 KGLC and Country 910 KVIS to Land Go.

Land Go Radio Group now owns four stations, including SOMO Sports Radio WMBH 1560 in Joplin and Oldies 101.3 KHST in Lamar.

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Gant McGriff and Justice said...

Glad to see that Mike Landis is still living rent free in Randy Turner's Head.

Randy said...

It's probably just coincidence but I have yet to meet anyone with any intelligence who talked about someone living rent free in another person's head.

Anonymous said...

Landis is nothing more than a joke, always has been always will be.... just like buying all the Joplin school properties without voting,then when found out put to a vote it was denied.... too Landis bought it to profit

Anonymous said...

Bobby Landis claims to own the radio stations. Mike is probably just his brothers puppet. Maybe Mike is buying the radio station so Bobby can focus on paying back the 4.89 million he still owes the federal government for tax evasion.

Anonymous said...

Bobby continues to steal, and operate via smoke and mirrors. He is legally not supposed to own business so he opens up LLC’s and operates through the shell companies and will never pay anything back. Unfortunately, Bobby uses any and everyone he can including his brother Mike.

Anonymous said...

Until Former Federal Inmate Bobby Landis actually apologizes for his mistakes and truly makes changes to his way of life. He will always be the same. I don't understand why anyone or any business in the 4-State Area would and/or still deals with him. Joplin Schools need really cut all ties with him. Sooner or later he's going to find a way screw over or find a way to embezzle money from Joplin Schools.