Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Sarcoxie Police Chief to serve out suspension, then return to job

The people who squeezed into a packed Sarcoxie Community Building tonight voiced support for suspended Police Chief Brandy Corum today, a show of support that may have kept Corum on the job.

Mayor Don Triplett suspended Corum for two weeks May 4 and Corum's suspension stood following a closed door City Council session. She wil return to the job May 18.

Triplett told KSN Corum had been suspended for what he considered to be improper use of social media, as well as her showing a lack of respect to him.

Though Triplett asked Corum to resign, after the meeting he said there was never any talk of firing her.

"That was not on the table at this time.


Anonymous said...

Small Town - with the Small Political Powers that Be - all having Ego Issues - Or Big Fishes In A Small Pond.

Both the Mayor and Police Chief were Elected / Appointed to Serve the People of this Community and to Not have to Try and Anoint Each Other.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please expain the sequence of events that led to this entire situation? I understand that it involved an AMBER Alert and some activity on Facebook, but am unable to find any information regarding the details.