Friday, July 13, 2007

Globe editorial: Loss limits should be removed

The Joplin Globe, in an editorial just posted on its website, says Missouri legislators need to remove loss limits on casino gambling:

Missouri’s anti-gambling legislators have ensured, at least for another year, that huge sums of money will continue to flow over this state’s borders into Kansas, Oklahoma and Illinois, and that casinos in this state won’t attract the high rollers that other states do.

The $500 loss limit in any two-hour period imposed on Missouri casinos puts this state’s riverboat casinos at a decided disadvantage. It also is costing state and local entities about $110 million annually.

While I normally would favor attempts to bring additional revenue to the state, Missouri's legislature was right to establish loss limits (deciding to rely on gambling for state revenues is another matter).


Anonymous said...

Well Randy, we should put those same "loss limits" on what a tourist can spend on chinese junk here in Branson. They waste gas and spend money on frivilous junk all the time they are here. Lets use that same logic here. Don't waste gas to come here and put a $500. limit on what they can waste while they are here. All the merchandise they buy here is imported from China, Thailand, Taiwan, etc. There is NOTHING that I know of any longer made and sold in the Ozarks.

Makes the same amount of sense doesn't it. Just depends on who's bull is down.

Randy said...

On the face of it, your argument is logical, but I find it hard to put regular tourists in the same category as gambling addicts.