Thursday, July 19, 2007

Those activist judges are at it again

It should not take long for Governor Matt Blunt to sound his old refrain about those activist judges, following the Missouri Supreme Court's ruling today reinstating campaign contribution limits.
For those of you unfamiliar with Missouri political terminology, an "activist judge" is anyone who dares disagree with Matt Blunt about anything.
Jason Rosenbaum at the Columbia Tribune Political Blog has a breakdown on how this decision affects different political candidates. Much of the governor's sizable campaign war chest came from supporters who chipped in with far more than the $1,275 limit.
It will also affect some of the wealthy power brokers who are controlling the discussion on every issue in the state with massive infusions of cash, such as billionaire Rex Sinquefield, who has contributed more than $300,000 to favored candidates in 2007, including $100,000 to Blunt.

While I applaud the decision, I worry about what is going to happen next. It almost goes without saying that the committee laundering system is back in business. That is something that should worry all of us.

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