Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sinquefields make maximum contributions to Romney

Apparently, educational vouchers is not one of the issues that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has flip-flopped on.
If he had, he certainly would not have received maximum $2,300 contributions from Missouri's pre-eminent voucher supporter, retired billionaire Rex Sinquefield and Sinquefield's wife, Jeannie.
Federal Election Commission documents indicate the Sinquefields contributed to the Romney campaign April 18.
Though Romney has not addressed educational issues in his presidential campaign, during his time in Massachusetts he has made no secret that he favors vouchers. In the March 21, 2002, Boston Globe, a profile of Romney's educational beliefs included this passage:

In 1994, Romney, as a candidate for US Senate, pledged to vote to establish a means-tested school voucher program to allow students to attend the public or private school of their choice. He also supported abolishing the federal Department of education and favored keeping control of educational reform at the lowest level, closest to parents, teachers, and the community

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