Sunday, July 29, 2007

KSN site attacked by spam pornographers

Just when you think people have stooped as low as they possibly can go, someone has to go and prove you wrong.
Case in point- an item placed on KSNF's website concerning the death of a teenage girl in an auto accident:

16 years old Cherish Vaughn died yesterday of her injuries. Missouri State Troopers say Vaughn was a passenger in a car driven by 17 year old Trevor Nease. Investigators say Nease passed another vehicle on the right shoulder then crossed over the center line. The vehicle then ran off the roadway into a field and overturned several times ejecting the driver along with Vaughn and another passenger 16-year-old Dustin Watkins. Nease and Watkins are being treated for injuries in a local hospital. Troopers say none of the occupants were wearing their seatbelts. Funeral services for Vaughn will be held Sunday afternoon at two o'clock at the abundant life Christian center on east Newman road in Joplin.

By putting the information on its website, KSN was providing a public service. Not only did the station tell those visiting the site what had happened, but it gave information about when services were going to be held for those who wished to pay their final respects.

KSN also allows visitors to the site to post comments, providing a link at the bottom of the news stories. Unfortunately, those who considered posting comments about the death of a teenager were immediately greeted with about a dozen vile, pornographic posts.

While KSN should be commended for providing its readers/viewers with the opportunity to voice their opinions, it is an unfortunate byproduct of this internet age that there has to be some method employed to stop spammers, especially those of the pornographic variety, from completely trashing the site.

Perhaps KSN should consider installing something to require commenters to type in random letters and numbers to prevent these automated spammers from unleashing their sickness on the unsuspecting.


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..and as of 5:30 AM on Monday the posts are still there. Can't KSN remove them?

Anonymous said...

They are removed now. 8:36 AM.

Anonymous said...

Wow! KSPR 33 and KY3 tie the knot officially in Springfield today with the blessing of the FCC!
Nobody notices...
I guess you have to be a Nexstar devil for duopoly to be a bad word in this blog.
Thought I would add this note down here as nobody is reading this stuff anyway.
See how long it takes to get noticed...
Tri-opily maybe? KY3, KSPR, and Ozarks CW all run out of Sunshine st. by Shurz communications.
Is a Tri-opoly more evil than a duopoly?

Anonymous said...

The last comment was apperantly from a Nexstar employee sensitive to scrutiny. KYTV's CW is a low power station not affecting any duopoly rule. There is no question that what KYTV and KSPR have done is exactly what KOLR and KDEB did years ago,

both now Nexstar controlled stations. Do you still have a challenge to their copying Nexstar's model in the same market many years after Nexstar did the same thing or are you now moot.