Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Murder victim's mother hopeful her daughter's killer has been caught

Jo Ann Zywicki, mother of murder victim Tammy Zywicki, is hopeful that her daughter's killer will finally be brought to justice.
In an interview with the LaSalle, Ill. News Tribune, Mrs. Zywicki said that the FBI has been in touch with the police in Nashville, Tenn. where suspected serial killer Bruce Mendenhall was arrested. Mendenhall has already confessed to six murders:

"We live with it every day and we’d certainly like to have closure with it," said Zywicki, adding she checks Internet sites, blogs and other media frequently in search of information. She said she keeps track of interstate and truck stop murder cases, and she also continues to study about murderers.
Several times she has had some reason to suspect accused killers in other cases may have had a hand in her daughter’s death, but often they have had alibis or could not have been driving a truck at the time of the killing or they had log books that did not indicate they were in the Illinois Valley at the time of the Aug. 23, 1992, Zywicki kidnapping.

Tammy Zywicki's body was found in Lawrence County about halfway between Joplin and Springfield in 1992.

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yadviga said...

I will never forget the murder of this young girl. I had never had a cell phone, but on the day she died, I said if she had a cell phone, she would have stayed in her car and called for help - instead of being a victim, she may be alive today. I got a cell phone that week, and have never been without it ever since that time. As a woman, you realize how vulnerable you are to the predators. Now in her death, she may have saved many women from violence and death because of our cell phones. I have heard so many women tell me the same thing about Tammy's death - that it made them realize that we need to have all the help we can. my heart goes out to her family.