Sunday, July 22, 2007

Graham: Supreme Court decision won't limit Sinquefield's influence

The Missouri Supreme Court's decision to reinstate campaign contribution limits could limit the influence of billionaire voucher supporter Rex Sinquefield, according to Sen. Chuck Graham, D-Columbia.
In an interview with Jason Rosenbaum of the Columbia Tribune Political Blog, Graham says money will find a way in politics:

The biggest winner of the day will be Jay Nixon and Jeff Harris. Because Jay will be within $400,000 of Matt and Jeff Harris will be the money leader in the A.G.'s race,” Graham said. "And it will limit people like Rex Sinquefield to come in here and drop huge amounts of money and try to buy races. But Rex Sinquefield, he's a businessman. He's also savvy enough to where he'll put money in those district committees or do they'll do independent expenditures where the candidate doesn't even get to control their own message. Money will always find its way into a system. The presidential system, I don’t know what the limits are… that didn't really stop Barack Obama from raising $38.5 million."

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