Saturday, August 23, 2008

Missouri Republicans criticize Obama's choice of Biden

Not that anyone who is considering voting for Barack Obama really cares what Jim Talent or Matt Blunt think of Joe Biden, Missouri Republicans still came out against Obama's vice presidential choice today:

The following news release was issued by the Missouri Republican Party:

Earlier today, Missouri Governor Matt Blunt and former U.S. Senator Jim Talent held a statewide conference call to respond to Senator Obama's selection of Senator Joe Biden as his running-mate.

Additionally, Senator Talent held a press conference at the Victory office in St. Louis, State Senator Gary Nodler held a press conference at the Victory office in Joplin, State Senator Charlie Shields held a press conference at the Buchanan County Republican headquarters in St. Joseph and State Representative Tim Flook held a press conference at the Clay County Republican headquarters in Kansas City.

Governor Matt Blunt: "For a campaign built around aspirational rhetoric, this is an uninspiring decision. The selection of Joe Biden emphasizes Barak Obama’s lack of experience and undermines the chance of any real change in our nation's capitol. Barack Obama is trying to compensate for an area of weakness that even prompted criticism from his new running-mate.”

Senator Jim Talent: "I was surprised by Senator Obama’s choice of Senator Joe Biden. It demonstrates that the Obama campaign realizes that Senator Obama doesn’t have the foreign policy credentials or experience to be president. There’s no other reason besides that to add Senator Biden to the ticket. Joe Biden undermines the message of change, and otherwise adds nothing to the Democratic ticket. He’s a left liberal blue state Democrat with no executive experience – just like Senator Obama himself. The decision gives further reason to wonder whether Senator Obama has the judgment we need in a president.”

The Biden selection was also criticized by national Republicans, including the campaign of Obama's opponent, Sen. John McCain, which released the following video today:

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