Monday, August 25, 2008

Questions raised about where tire in fatal bus crash came from

An attorney for the bus company involved in the Texas crash that killed 17 people headed for the Marian Days observance in Carthage earlier this month says the blown tire that caused the accident was on the bus when the company bought it. Others dispute that claim, according to an Associated Press article:

A Dallas lawyer says bus company owner Angel de la Torre did not install the retread tire that authorities say failed Aug. 8 near Sherman, leading to a crash that killed 17 passengers.

Seventeen passengers died in a bus crash Aug. 8 on U.S. Highway 75 in Sherman.
Keena Greyling, who represents the insurance company that issued Mr. de la Torre's coverage, said the tire was on the bus in July when he bought the used 2002 model from Motor Coach Industries.

Motor Coach Industries officials would not tell the Houston Chronicle whether they had sold Mr. de la Torre the bus, but spokeswoman Pat Plodzeen did say: "That's incorrect about the tire. It's false."

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