Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Ed Emery has impeachment of governor on his mind

Ed Emery has not even spent one day in the Senate, but he already has impeachment on his mind.

The Lamar Republican prefiled a resolution today that includes mention of the impeachment of the governor.

The summary of Senate Joint Resolution 9 reads as follows:

This proposed constitutional amendment, if approved by the voters, would require that all impeachments be tried by the Senate, rather than before the Missouri Supreme Court. When the Governor is being tried, the Chief Justice of the Missouri Supreme Court shall preside. No person shall be convicted without a two-thirds vote of all Senators present.

It appears to be another in a long line of efforts by Missouri Republican to take power out of the hands of the judicial branch, but maybe he has something in mind for the governor or some other elected official. With Emery, who knows?

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