Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Ed Martin: Democratic party socialism will destroy America

In the accompanying video, newly elected Missouri Republican Party Chairman Ed Martin says he will help set the course for the battle against implementation of Obamacare in the state. "The Democratic party has taken us toward a kind of socialism that will destroy America," Martin said.

Martin also said:

-"Missouri is slipping rapidly under the Democrats and America is slipping rapidly under Obama."

-"Claire McCaskill lied about her record. It was a real detriment to our country that we didn't replace her."


Anonymous said...

I see that Mr. Martin decided to have this video shot in an affluent neighborhood (probably in Columbia since that was the site of the recent GOP state meeting). I wonder if he ever gets over to "the poor side of town" to see how people who are highly dependent on help from the government for their day-to-day survival (and that includes health care) are doing?

Anonymous said...

Ed Martin is liken to a yapping dog tied under a tree, wanting to run with the big dogs, but still tied to his tree. Big dogs come by and you know what they do to his tree.

He is a complete joke and total waste of time, but a good choice for the State Chair especially for the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Ed Martin will lead the GOP directly into the toilet as he desperately tries to build a base for his future political aspirations. Some folks are just plain losers and are unelectable. Ed Martin is one of them.

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that Republicans think its ok to use our tax money for tax cuts for the rich and corporate welfare. But using our tax money for programs that help the workers of missouri is socialism. Remember these tax cuts and corporate welfare have not created jobs. We do not need more Republicans who suppore Fascism.