Saturday, January 05, 2013

Ed Martin elected Missouri Republican Party chairman

(From the Missouri Republican Party)

The Missouri Republican State Committee voted this morning to elect Ed Martin as Chairman.
Today’s competition was the sign of a vibrant and mature Party.  Our success in electing Republicans across the state—in widening the tent—has created an influx of new ideas and energy , but it’s clear that there is still work yet to be done,” said Chairman Ed Martin. “I look forward to working with the members of the state committee, our volunteers, activists, and donors as we take our conservative message to Missourians from across the state and from all walks of life. Working together, I know we will protect what we have built and strengthen our Party in preparation for 2014 and beyond.”
Ed Martin brings a long history of service to Missouri and the Republican Party.  He has served as Chief of Staff to Governor Matt Blunt and Chairman of the St. Louis Board of Election Commissioners.  In 2010, he took on Russ Carnahan in a race that was never supposed to be competitive—but thanks to his hard work, he came within a handful of votes of victory.  And in 2012, he was the Republican nominee for Attorney General.
Other members of the MOGOP leadership, elected at the meeting, are Trish Vincent, Vice-Chair, Pat Thomas, Secretary, and Richard Peerson, Treasurer.


Anonymous said...

So I guess 2013 isn't the Year of the Woman in Missouri, at least not yet anyway.

Anonymous said...

My party has now jumped feet first into the stupid end of the pool. Goofy Ed Martin, a certified loser, is not about the party, but, is all about himself. His only claim to public service was being the chief of staff, and a very poor one, to Baby Blunt. Blunt, as I recall, poked his finger in Republicans eyes after many of us spent gave him millions of dollars and worked countless hours in his first campaign for governor.

This could only be topped if another loser, Wendall Bailey, was appointed to Congress to replace Emerson.