Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Report: Billy Long, Todd Akin, Hartzler vote "no" on fiscal cliff bill

Seventh District Congressman Billy Long joined fellow Missouri Congressional delegation members Vicky Hartzler and Todd Akin in casting "no" votes on the fiscal cliff bill tonight.

The vote came after Long expressed discontent with the bill earlier in the day:

“This would increase spending, not reduce it. And, in my experience, anytime you increase spending, it amounts to a tax increase,” said U.S. Rep. Billy Long, R-Springfield. He said most of the southwest Missouri constituents he heard from urged him to vote no.

Long will be on KZRG at 7:10 a.m. tomorrow to discuss his vote.

Among those voting for the bill were Democrats Lacy Clay, Emanuel Cleaver, and Russ Carnahan and Republicans Jo Ann Emerson and Blaine Leutkemyer.

Republican Sam Graves did not vote.


Jerry Rogers said...

Mr. Long is again on the wrong side of the issues.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Congresssman Long for standing for fiscal sanity amoungst all of those with their hand out for a taxpayer paid for check like those who worship The Turner Report.

RockyMissouri said...

Billy Long, Todd Akin...and Hartzler.... Three of a kind.