Saturday, February 09, 2013

Message to Missouri Republicans: Get rid of unions or we're cutting off your money

Four days ago, Missouri legislators met with national organizers of efforts to destroy unions.

Our representatives were told how to twist their message to their constituents to make the destruction of unions sound like the right thing to do.

The legislators were threatened with losing campaign contributions if they do not come through and cripple unions.

The audio of that message has been available for the past couple of days, thanks to Progress Missouri, but where has the rest of this media been on this?

Among those doing the threatening in the audio is former Rep. Steve Hunter, R-Joplin, who picked up paychecks from the lobbying organization Associated Industries of Missouri during the time he served in the House.

The simple message- Workers have the right to choose lower wages, less benefits, and fewer rights, and this is how we can fool them into thinking it is a good idea.


Anonymous said...

Could "you're going to start losing donors" mean that private employers will continue to go out of business because of union thuggery, and therefore not be around to financially support their representatives? Your headline and intro imply that a couple of organizations directly threatened to cut off donations, but I didn't hear it that way in the clip. The "anti-worker" legislation is not anti-worker. Its purpose is to improve the economy in Missouri by creating more jobs. A small percentage of "workers" are represented by unions, so it's not accurate to say Progress Missouri is looking out for "workers." They're looking out for the millionaire union bosses who support them financially.

Anonymous said...

So looking out for "workers" and improving "the economy in Missouri by creating more jobs" by stealing jobs from one State and moving them to another is economic growth? Is not robbing Peter to pay Paul? Is good for the USA? Really?

BTW - there are articles elsewhere that also report that politicians were threatened with withdrawal of financial campaign support monies - not only in MO but nationwide as this ALEC agenda is pushed.