Monday, February 04, 2013

My Top 10 Super Bowl one-liners and observations

10. Forget Joe Flacco; they should have named three MVPs- 
Paul Harvey, the American Farmer, and whoever turned the lights out.

9. This just in- Kansas City Chiefs Coach Andy Reid makes bold prediction. "We have Super Bowl plans next year and I'm bringing the chips."

8. No truth to the rumor: God did not say, "I am pulling for the 49ers because I can't take another Ray Lewis postgame interview."

7. No truth to the rumor- The ghost of Dandy Don Meredith turned out the lights because the party's over.

6. I don't like this music, but for some reason I am enjoying the halftime show.

5. Beyonce's really singing this time, but something's not quite right. Wait a minute. Surely not! She's hip-synching!

4. (During the brawl) Look. They're all going after Chuck Hagel.

3. They should rename it No Daddy. Those people don't know their ads from a hole in the ground.

2. I love the Super Bowl. That means it's just a couple of weeks until pitchers and catchers report.

1. What? You're telling me 60 Minutes isn't going to be on so they can show this?

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Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever wondered what happen to the game of "Football?"