Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Carol Stark's list of things the Joplin Globe thinks are important

I recently came across a top secret Joplin Globe memo which listed things that Editor Carol Stark thinks are important and should receive major coverage and things that are not important and do not need to be covered:


Joplin City Councilman Ben Rosenberg's dog

Criminals who had Joplin City Councilman Bill Scearce as a landlord 20 years ago

Six-and-a-half-mile ribbons

Anything involving columnist Mike Pound's family

Sticky notes

Six-month-old minor traffic citations

$40,000 extra for investigator Tom Loraine's report

Joplin Progress Committee formed to do great things for Joplin

C. J. Huff brings Bright Futures to the world.

Keeping anything secret from the Joplin Globe


Wallace-Bajjali involved in at least seven bankruptcies, multiple lawsuits, and has no completed projects to its credit

Joplin R-8 Board of Education approves $8 million in "might-as-well' spending

The $1.7 million that investigator Tom Loraine's $40,000 extra should have saved the city.

Joplin Progress Committee attempting to buy local elections and push costly programs that benefit a few

Joplin R-8 Board approves $5 to $12 million in projects to be covered by FEMA money, but not yet approved by FEMA

C. J. Huff tells world how he singlehandedly saved Joplin from the tornado, poverty, and parents who did not care whether their children graduated.

Anything negative about Mark Rohr or C. J. Huff.


Anonymous said...

It's hard to tell which one is worse The Globe or the SGF News-Leader.

Anonymous said...

I never read the Globe, it is apparent to most of us that it only reports fluff and they never proof read. Drives me nuts! And she is a silly bobble head.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to add Randy, it's important for the Globe and its editorial board to call out the City of Galena for failing to get approval from the Cherokee County Commission to move forward on its efforts to build a landfill.

Yet, the Globe falls to make calls to conduct background checks on a vendor the City of Joplin entered into a large contract with for post catastrophe redevelopment.

Is the Globe having a pot meet the kettle moment?

Anonymous said...

She's dumb as a brick, but unfortunately she has a posse of old Joplin money ladies who seem to think the sun shines out of her ass, and they still have influence.

Anonymous said...

Old Joplin money is still nouveau riche small-town naïveté in the rest of the world, as our recent adventures prove. You can do anything in Joplin as long as you make the person-of-influence feel like they're really special. Every schmoozer needs a schmoozee, and Stark is a world-class example of the latter.

Anonymous said...

Petty and childish as usual, Randy. Your bitterness just oozes out of most everything you write.

Anonymous said...

5:04 can't respond to content, so goes for ad hominem per usual. Got any more magic tricks up your sleeve?