Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Graves: Obama's State of the Union recycled failed policies

(From Sixth District Congressman Sam Graves)

Ahead of last November’s election, President Obama stated that “these [Obama’s] policies are on the ballot. Every single one of them.” On this, I agree with him. His policies were on the ballot, and millions of men and women throughout the country went to their polling places to pull the lever in opposition to bigger government, more spending, and unconstitutional executive orders.

This year, President Obama delivered his sixth State of the Union Address. Like many Americans, I was hopeful that the President would outline a vision for our country that reflected the will of those we are here to represent. Unfortunately, he once again showed that he plans to ignore the message sent by the American people last November, pushing ahead with his big government agenda.

The American people sent us here to forge a new direction in finding solutions to the problems facing our nation – not to recycle the failed policies of the last six years.

While it is clear that President Obama did not hear this message, the House of Representatives did. In the opening weeks of the new Congress, the House has passed common sense legislation to promote economic growth, address rising energy costs, remove job-killing regulations found in Obamacare, and reverse the President’s executive order on amnesty.

Common sense solutions are needed to ease the squeeze on middle class Missourians and I am confident that with a new Congress that is exactly what we will have. While his State of the Union speech has left doubt, I am hopeful that President Obama will join with us in promoting bold, new solutions on behalf of the people of north Missouri and across America.

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