Thursday, January 29, 2015

Joplin Mayor: Now i"m dissatisfied with Wallace-Bajjali

Earlier today, a Turner Report post noted that as recently as July 30, Joplin Mayor Michael Seibert was defending Wallace-Bajjali Development Partners, saying that common ordinary folk (like this writer and the readers of this blog) couldn't understand what a master developer does.

Apparently, the fallout from Wallace-Bajjali's departure has changed the mayor's tune.

In an interview today with KGNC-AM in Amarillo, Seibert made it clear that he was not pleased with the former master developer:

"We spend about $1.7 million in payments backed to Wallace-Bajjali for many types of services over a 2 and a half year period," Seibert said.

He said they were already dissatisfied with the firm.

"We weren't pleased with the level of projects that they'd been able to bring forward. We had projects that we were really proud of that they were involved in and don't like what they did."

He says they have several projects in motion and will continue moving forward to rebuild Joplin.

Now let me see if I understand this. The mayor, and from the sound of what he is saying, the city council, was displeased with Wallace-Bajjali. Now when did this displeasure start? Was it after July 30 when he gave his interview to the Amarillo television station explaining why Wallace-Bajjali was doing a good job and we didn't understand how this master development business works or was it before and Seibert was shading the truth during the July interview?


Anonymous said...

John Kerry and Mike Seibert:
2 Democrats separated at birth?

Anonymous said...

It's good to see the mayor has finally joined the thinking populace in this most obvious of conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Our mayor is an idiot!

Anonymous said...

The mayor hasn't joined any "thinking populace". He is blindly moving ahead on all of the remaining WB projects. Why??
He cannot bring himself to see the folly of it all even now with the lights on.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We sure need this new more centrally located library you know. I mean the library we have now is so inconvenient being way out there in the downtown area. Everyone knows that the center of town now is the northwest side. I mean, why would anyone even think of using some of the 25 million in public use grant money for something as dull and trite as updating the city sewer treatment facilities. Why on earth provide a vital service with public funds for something that should just pay for itself with a small tripling of individual bills to the occupants of all property. Our city representatives sure get it don't they.

Dusty Roads said...

I have not been to the library since I got internet in 1995.It is really hard to believe the money that is going to be spent on this new one. But maybe it will not be like the downtown library, that usually has a weirdo or 2 wandering around or hanging out in the bathroom.

Anonymous said...

Probably can't read

Anonymous said...

If you think our library is acceptable you are a bigger tool than your friends think you are when youre not around.

Anonymous said...

My sources tell me that I have now changed my mind.