Thursday, January 29, 2015

Stanley on Wallace-Bajjali departure: Things are not that bleak

Ryan Stanley, who was not on the Joplin City Council when former master developer Wallace-Bajjali was hired, offers some positive thoughts in this interview with KSN:

Stanley says the future of Joplin is bright and that he is very proud of the work being done on the new Mercy Hospital and the new Joplin High School. He says he feels confident in the projects the city is working on. He wants to make sure we can find a way to get them completed on their own.

"It's easy to look back and say, 'should never of hired Wallace Bajjali.' I think, if we can go back and make that decision over again, we probably would not have hired them. We certainly would've signed the agreement," said Stanley.

Stanley says despite this, he feels good about the future.

"I feel confident in our position. I wouldn't have chosen it, but I don't think we aren't as bleak or frustrated as maybe people think we are," said Stanley.


Anonymous said...

Where is the "Bring Back Mark Rohr" Group? I don't hear anything from them....crickets.

Anonymous said...

10:03 that group is quiet because they are planning to tear down memorial hall and put up the best cultural center west of the mississippi. I do woner why they have abandoned the depot, amphitheater, and moving the post office..SPARK...same folks..if you look closely...

Anonymous said...

That series of statements by Stanley was nearly incoherent.

Anonymous said...

Another look at Ryan Stanley:

Or Seibert: Se


Anonymous said...

And another grinning dummy is heard from.