Thursday, January 22, 2015

Charlie Davis: Vast majority of Nixon speech was lies and wishful thinking

(From State Representative Charlie Davis, R-Webb City)

The governor gave his state of the state address last night. There were some positive things that he said during the speech but the vast majority of it was lies and wishful thinking. One of the most important things that he spoke of was how our police are heroes. The men and women who serve the citizens of our state in law enforcement and fire fighters are some of the greatest men and women you will ever meet. Just like our heroes in the military, they agree to lay down their lives, if necessary, to protect each of us. And for that I say thank you and GOD BLESS our men and women in uniform.

The vast majority of the speech was met with cold responses from both sides of the isle as well as from the visiting citizens. He stresses how he will be visiting with the legislature more this year. Why has it taken 6 years to make that decision? But I remember when he made that same promise last year and not 1 time came to us with any form of discussion. So I will take that promise with a grain of salt.

He says he wants to fund our veterans’ homes and even build a new home here in Missouri. That is something I have actually been working on for 4 years. But as we budgeted $8,000,000 for the Missouri Veterans Commission Capitol Improvement Trust Fund, the fund that does just what he said he wanted to do, he turned around and withheld EVERY penny of that money. Hypocrisy at its finest.

He says he wants to increase funding for cyber-crimes and cyber security, yet he has withheld $1.2 million used to track down and arrest the pedophiles that are stalking our children online. Release that money to protect our children!

He laid out a plan to increase funding for education by $150 million dollars. $50 million of that will come through general revenue and the rest will come through expanding Medicaid in Missouri which will never pass the legislature. I also can promise my children new cars for everyone when I become president, knowing that that will never happen. So why do I even propose it. He has also withheld $100+ million from K-12 education and refuses to release that money.

In the last portion of his speech, he made the comment that the people deserve to have their elected officials to be trustworthy. I believe that this is why every year since the Republicans have taken control of the Missouri House and Missouri Senate, we have increased our majorities. People trust our Missouri Republicans because they see we are open and transparent people. We do our best to be honest and accountable.

I try my best to not be play partisan politics in my capitol reports but sometimes there is no getting around it. I do not believe that the governor was truthful in many of his comments. To say you want to increase spending for programs that you are continuing to withhold money currently is being disingenuous. I will work with the governor in areas that we can come to agreements on but I will continue to fight for what I and my constituents feel are the right decisions for Missouri.

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