Friday, January 16, 2015

Roy Blunt on closing GITMO: I don't understand it and neither does the world

In this FOX News interview, Sen. Roy Blunt expresses opposition to closing Guantanamo, noting, "I don't understand the position of the White House and neither does the world."

Blunt also calls the closing a recruiting tool for terrorism.

What the White House is doing, Blunt says, is releasing terrorist leaders and is in denial about the significance of terrorism.


Anonymous said...

Obama is just trying to cement his spot as the worst president in American history.

Anonymous said...

Try as he might, he will never be as bad as the guy he replaced. Hard to justify that resonse, 12:02, when unemployment is a low as it was prior to the recession, and the stock market has far surpassed where it was. A war we should never have entered, thanks to the Right Wing, was ended, more illegal immigrants have been deported than under Bush, and more terrorists killed than under Bush and Cheney. Now, if the Right would quit protecting the 10% of the population that keeps their pockets lined, we might be able to close the wage gap and really get somewhere. I'm guessing the Koch brothers forgot to tell you this, though.