Tuesday, January 27, 2015

City of Amarillo severs ties with Wallace-Bajjali

The city of Amarillo is following the same approach was Joplin when it comes to dealing with the aftermath of the collapse of Wallace-Bajjali Develpment Partners.

From the report of News Channel 10 in Amarillo:

The LGC (Local Government Corporation) board voted unanimously Tuesday to terminate all existing contracts with the company. "We will send a written notice of default, and we will treat the contracts as no longer binding on the Local Government Corporation, and we will proceed with the projects as if they do not exist," explained Brown.

Brown said the LGC was no stranger to the company's struggles. "I think everyone has been aware that things have been rocky with Wallace Bajjali for the last several years. Just like we have friends who's marriages are sometimes rocky, we knew they had issues amongst themselves, but our projects were going forward and the team of professionals that were going to work on those, we were confident they could get the job done."

According to Brown, the job will still get done. City staff will take over the duties of Wallace Bajjali as construction manager so they can start building the parking garage as soon as possible. If all goes as planned, construction will start this July.

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