Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mark Rohr: Wallace-Bajjali failed because council was out to get them

KODE's Jennifer Penate landed a scoop today, interviewing former Joplin City Manager Mark Rohr about the departure of Wallace-Bajjali from the city.

Rohr has not mellowed any since taking the city manager position in League City, Texas.
From the KODE report:

If my memory serves me correctly, former council member Raney, Jane Cage, I think Mr. Anderson, maybe Mr. O'Brien and some others actually took a field trip to Texas to see in person some of those projects," said Mark Rohr, Former Joplin City Manager.

Rohr adds once all contracts were signed, things didn't go so smoothly.

"I've told others this and stand behind it 110%, there were city officials while I was there that were actively working against the projects proceeding. Once again, there were city officials that represented that city that were working behind the scenes to prevent the projects from proceeding," said Rohr.


Anonymous said...

Clueless or in cahoots? You decide.............

Anonymous said...

Were there members of the City Council "out to get them" or were they simply trying to protect the City? I think Mr. Rohr is incapable of understanding the difference. Just as he apparently does not recognize that the City Council council had nothing to do with Mr. Wallace's personal financial issues, or that there was an internal takeover issue within WB, or any one of the many other factors that led to their demise as a entity. I can only assume that Mr. Rohr also believes that WB's failure in Amarillo was the result of their council members that were "out to get them". Mr. Rohr can say what he wants but I believe the results of the state audit will show that a large part of the blame will fall squarely on his shoulders.

Dusty Roads said...

Who cares what that wife beater has to say anyway at least Joplin got rid of him.

Anonymous said...

Mark Rohr and Billy Long. Compare and contrast.

Wallace Bajjali and Joplin- Destiny fulfilled or destiny denied? Discuss.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @6:27 AM: What's there to discuss?

As far as I can tell, Billy Long's great crimes are being a fat Republican. Oh, yeah, he's a member of the bipartisan Cowboy Hat Caucus, for shame!

Outside of those with tiresome Republican Derangement Syndrome, that's nothing compared to what was unearthed by Lorraine, or the multiple credible reports about Rohr's abuse of his then girlfriend and now wife. Heck, the Globe, before it came under new management, gave us clear warning the city council was hiring a thug.

It's unfortunate there are so many municipalities, school boards, and small colleges in the US that the talent pool to run and manage them is so thin, and our betters in Joplin are so unperceptive, that we end up being saddled with the likes of Rohr, Huff and Speck, all clearly unfit for the jobs they were hired to do.

Then again, two down, one to go, the truth will out, especially when you bring in outside agitators, excuse me, auditors.