Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Huff: JHS Performing Arts Center on target for March 1 opening

It looks like Joplin High School fine arts students will be able to abandon the Memorial Middle School building in time for R-8 Administration to move in.

Superintendent C. J. Huff told the R-8 Board of Education last night that the performing arts center for the new high school is "on target" to open March 1.

"We're excited about cutting a ribbon for the new performing arts center," Huff said.

The first production in the new facility, the JHS Spring Play, is scheduled to open April 15.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy. Another ribbon cutting. More tears. Can we recycle that last ribbon and save a few bucks? Since the kids never got their promised piece of ribbon there should be plenty of it.

Anonymous said...

I hear the Surgeon General is coming for the ceremony!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he will remove the Cancerous Tumor that JHS has? CJHuffalcocus

Anonymous said...

Who has the naming rights

kitty chiwawa said...

It's a good thing my seniors are beyond ready for this year to end. (and high school in general). They won't even miss having a Performing Arts Department, since they've never really had one in the first place.