Friday, January 30, 2015

Schweich opens election fundraising with $375,000 in two days

State Auditor Thomas Schweich, who officially announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for governor Wednesday, raised slightly more than $375,000 in oversized contributions during the first two days, according to 48-hour filings with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

His contributors included former U. S. Senator John Danforth, long a supporter of Schweich, and some of the top GOP contributors.

Schweich's primary opponent, former Speaker of the House Catherine Hanaway, has been almost entirely funded by retired billionaire Rex Sinquefield, who has contributed more than $1 million to her campaign.

The expected Democratic candidate is Attorney General Chris Koster.

Those contributing to the Schweich campaign:

Rodger Riney, St. Louis $10,000
David Grossman, St. Louis $10,000
Sam Fox, St. Louis, $37,500
Marilyn Fox, St. Louis $37,500
Larry Peterson, Springfield 5,001
Peter Herschend, Branson $25,000
Fredna Mahaffey, Springfield $5,001
William Darr, Springfield $5,001
Penn Enterprises, Springfield $5,001
Integrity Home Care, Springfield $5,001
George Walker III, St. Louis $5,010
Joe DeLong III, Jefferson City $5,100
H. E. Whitener, Fair Grove $5,100
Patrick Finneran, Newman, Georgia, $5,100
Schmitt LLC, O'Fallon, Illinois $5,100
Donn Sorenson, Clayton $6,000
John Qualy, St. Louis, $7,500
William Maritz, LaDue $7,500
Jerry Sumners, Aurora, $10,000
Friends of Thomas Long, Battlefield $10,000
Mark Eggert, St. Louis $10,000
John Danforth, LaDue $10,000
Roger Miller, St. Louis $15,000
Barnett Helzberg Jr., Kansas City $20,000
Rosalie O'Reilly Wooten, Springfield $25,000
Jesse Bodine, LaDue $25,000
Steven Trulaske, St. Louis $50,000
Kevin Childress, Kansas City $5,001
Peter Goldschmidt, Jefferson City, $5,100


Anonymous said...

So a local wealthy business man, who is a staunch antigovernment supporter, provides a six figure donation to this guy, but it in no way influenced his decision to come and continue to stall our community's progress.

Anonymous said...

12:15 must be a Wallace Bajali fan.
Since when is an audit of government a bad thing? And exactly what did it stall? More fraud?

Anonymous said...

It seems to me there is some politics involved here and big money of course, regardless of the audit. Transparency is goodbut it seems this has some political collusion and aspiration to it.