Saturday, January 03, 2015

Kansas man, 26, killed in holiday accident, had 5 drunk driving convictions

If Grant McClure had survived the crash that killed him just before Christmas in Johnson County, Kansas, he would likely be facing a sixth driving under the influence conviction...and he was only 26 years old. From the report from KCTV:

Friends at the memorial service described Grant McClure as a man who put others before him, didn't blindly follow convention and lived life fast. Fast doesn't even begin to describe how his life ended. He was killed in a horrific crash in Fairway, KS, the Sunday before Christmas.

Police say he was speeding away from a Westwood, KS, officer who tried to pull him over for traffic reasons. In the process, Grant McClure hit three cars and two trees. The force sent car parts flying. Now they're investigating whether the 26-year-old was drinking and driving, which wouldn't be a first for him.

Grant McClure's driving record tells the story of a young man with an obvious problem.

At just the age of 18 he was arrested for his first DUI in March of 2006 in Johnson County. It would be his first of five DUI convictions.

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