Thursday, January 15, 2015

MSSU trains faculty, staff, students on sexual misconduct rules

Missouri Southern State University has ramped up its training on Title IX, including the portions of the federal law regarding sexual misconduct. From the KOAM report:

MSSU Vice President of Academic Affairs Darren Fullerton says, "We broke it down into simple steps. If you even hear of an incident it's not your job to get the facts. It's your job to report it and let the authorities and university administration investigate it."

Students will soon get the messages about what qualifies as sexual misconduct in a power point style program.

Fullerton says training spells out sexual assault, harassment and misconduct. And students who may have tallied it up to typical frat party activity are encouraged to file reports.

Fullerton says, “MSSU being a commuter campus, most of those behaviors will occur off campus. So we try to educate those students and make sure we're doing outreach to them. Just because something happens off campus doesn't mean it's not gonna be something you're held accountable for on campus."

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