Thursday, January 15, 2015

Plans move ahead for $14 million Wallace-Bajjali parking garage in Amarillo

Plans are moving ahead for ta $14 million parking garage, a joint effort between Wallace-Bajjali Development Partners (which is also the master developer for the City of Joplin), the Amarillo Local Government Corporation and architectural firm Lavin Associates:

The 750-vehicle garage will be paid for by parking fees and some Civic Center revenues, according to LGC documents. Some of those fees will come from the hotel leasing 150 spaces annually and Potter County leasing 150 spaces for 25 years.

It will have up to 32,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor that Wallace Bajjali will pay to build.

The company will then lease the space to businesses.

“My plan is to open it the same time the parking garage opens,” said Raymond Braswell, chief operating officer of Wallace Bajjali who will be supervising construction and leasing.

Planning should be complete in June with construction spanning up to 11 months starting in July, Braswell said.

The city will pay Lavin Associates up to $487,000 for its work including expenses, according to the contract.

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