Saturday, January 03, 2015

USPS changes: Letter that took one day may now take three

I have never heard of a case where cutting the quality and service ends up saving the product. This is another foolish step by the United States Postal Service. The video is from KOLR News.


Anonymous said...

Yet another Republican Party Mission Accomplished!!!

If they just had thought to have buffets and gambling at the sorting center things might have been different...

"In 2010 when Long was campaigning for his seat, he filled out a survey for the Citizens Against Government Waste. Not only did he sign the survey, he also added handwritten comments.

On June 19, 2010, in his signed written responses to the Citizens Against Government Waste CAGW* survey, Billy Long signed his name to the survey and agreed with this statement:

"I will support legislation aimed at protecting taxpayers by privatizing government-sponsored corporations and enterprises such as the United States Postal Service, the housing government-sponsored enterprises such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and the Tennessee Valley Authority."

Long elaborated on the statement by adding the following handwritten comment:

Entities like the USPS, Fannie and Freddie are proven economic failures that operate at losses constantly. Service and profitability would be enhanced by privatization.

Here is a facebook account of Billy Long's appearance at the meeting:

Jim Lee: Did Long have a position on this issue? I seem to recall during his campaign he was in favor of privatizing the P.O.

Midge Potts: He actually talked points which made it sound like he was against closure, but then he said an adminstrative issue, and "it is out of Congress's hands." Lol, I called him on it, specifically saying, "YOU can do something about this Congressman... Why don't you go back to DC, and submit a bill to Congress to repeal the 2006 law requiring USPS for 75 years :-D He was literally squirming in his seat!
SOURCE:BUSPLUNGE Thursday, January 05, 2012
Do you think Billy thought we wouldn't remember this or maybe HE didn't remember this?

Additional references so that the blame may be properly assessed:

*CAGW purports to be against "pork barrel" projects but one pretty much one can see who fills and feeds at their trough with the magic of google.

Anonymous said...

Why should we rely on the government
to provide the mail or education?

Not to mention just think how much the IRS would be improved if we sold it off to the highest bidder.

I haven't quite decided if contracting out all the police to private corporations would be a win win or not.

There was that case called "kids for cash" where a builder of private juvenile prisons bribed judges to sentence random and sometimes innocent kids to his private prisons to increase his profits and the taxpayer's costs. Good thing there had been tort reform first, otherwise the taxpayers could have taken it in the kiester a second time! You never know with evil trial lawyers and out of control courts.

Probably only happens in places like Pennsylvania.