Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Architect chosen for Joplin project has built 40 libraries

Joplin City Council moved ahead with the new library project Monday night selecting two architectural firms.

In the accompanying report from KODE's Bryan McLoone, includes this detailing of the background of the architect who will handle the actual building:

The city council made an agreement tonight with Sapp Designs from Springfield and Tristate Engineering from Joplin to build the new library at 20th and Connecticut.

"When we've seen the transformation that it creates in communities, that's where our synergy comes from. And our passion for working on libraries," said Michael Sapp, Sapp Design President.

Sapp Design President Michael Sapp says he has built 40 libraries in 28 years and says the facilities have done a good job adapting to the 21st century.

"We can't build the parking lots big enough anymore for libraries because they are making these transformations in providing what the communities are really looking for," said Sapp.

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