Wednesday, February 04, 2015

C. J. Huff's latest blog: A pleasant update on the state audit

The following blog was posted by Joplin R-8 Superintendent C. J. Huff today:

Happy February! It's hard to believe we are already well past the midpoint in the school year. I'm so proud of our hard working faculty, staff, and students.

I wanted to give you a quick update on the process for the release of the results of Joplin Schools' state audit.

The State Auditor's Office dictates the process and timing of the release of the audit to the public. You can find information about their process here:

The state audit team arrived at Joplin Schools at the end of July and completed their field work just before Christmas. At the January Board of Education meeting, the state audit team presented their initial findings in closed session to the Board of Education. Currently, Joplin Schools is preparing its response to the audit findings, which will be completed and submitted to the State Auditor's Office sometime within the next two weeks. The auditor's team will then review our responses before completing the final report.

The final report will be presented by State Auditor Tom Schweich to the Board of Education and community at a board meeting in open session. The state auditor's office will announce the date of the release of the final report. We believe this will be sometime at the end of February or the beginning of March. Hard copies of the audit will be made available to the public at that meeting, and we will provide a link to a digital version of the report on our website: It will also be available on the state auditor's website.

We look forward to the final report and the opportunity to improve our practices as a direct result of the diligent work of the state auditor's team.

For our kids,


Anonymous said...

blah blah blah I'm full of shit as usual! Seriously this man was so flustered at the board meeting after meeting with the auditor before open session he couldn't even focus on any presentations. Send him and all his crew elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

It was all "for the kids," wasn't it, CJ? If you keep saying "for the kids" long enough, everyone will believe you had no selfish intentions, correct? And that explains why your little friends remind everyone that all we do is "for the kids" at every meeting and in every email. Just in case anyone ever forgets for even a millisecond that everything CJ Huff ever does is "for the kids," including his little extra retirement account (thanks again, Angie) and his BF pocket change. It's "for the kids." His own? Perhaps. Ours? Don't make me laugh.

For the kids,

Anonymous said...

When rapists, murderers, and so on are interviewed, they always say "when the crime happened," never "when I did that to that person."

These crimnal minds genuinely lack the capacity to connect to their actions. They therefore are incapable of remorse, and consistently resort to a contortion of facts to maintain the illusion that they are incapable an error in judgement.

Education is predicated upon growth through recognition of error and the subsequent change to set one's self aright.

It is sadly ironic that the representative of our district is himself the antithesis of what it means to be educated.

Anonymous said...

No kidding, 4:16. He and McGrew were so wound it would be hard to say if they were twitchy or tweaking. Who knew those chairs could rock so hard. It's difficult to explain the loss of another projected 14 mil that has already been spent though. First the audit report and then the TIF. It was sure one good meeting wasn't it, CJ. It was a blast. It was all...wait for it...for the kids...

Anonymous said...

I don't think Schweich chose to kick off his anti-corruption campaign in Joplin because he didn't find anything here. I bet it's in every commercial. The new hero of Joplin has arrived for the next phase of disaster clean-up--sweeping up the crooks and giving them the toss.

Anonymous said...

I thought he wasn't supposed to talk about the audit report. Oh wait. It's CJ. Rules don't apply to him. What was I thinking.

Anonymous said...

One would think that the constant spinning CJ does would render him dizzy and speechless. Keep on spinning, little man, and maybe sooner or later someone other than your reflection in your mirror will believe it.

Anonymous said...


I hope the auditors found Tina Smith's little $20,000 raise after Angie left. She has a lot to thank that old girl for too.

For the kids,
Anon Y. Mous

Anonymous said...


Remember when you are dumping the trash to save the trash can liners. We have to cut costs somewhere but it damn sure won't be at Central Office. Nope. Recycle those trashcan liners with snotty tissues and cut back on the bleach here in flu season. After all, it's...

For the Kids

Anonymous said...

When Huff walked in the door years before the tornado, there was an immediate" financial crisis." We were told all about how the "idiots" before him fouled everything up. The ridiculous penny pinching at the bottom began, Then people were being fired, threatened, etcetera. ..all in the name of "the crisis." Yet all of the sacrifices at the bottom were being mirrored by increasing staff and increasingly lavish spendng at the top. Then in 2011, the second big bag of wind came to town. Again, let's all pull together for the common CJ.

Now that he has made a real crisis, (as he tries to slither out the door), he continues to waste taxpayer money. If MJ was not the court fool, they would have used the R8 lawyer to quash the first "frivolous" lawsuit. There is smoke, There is fire. The million dollar man, hiis daddy, and the whole heard of leaches has to go. We are long since out of patience, and damn near out of money.

Anonymous said...

I can hear it now: "Mistakes were made."
The Board needs to ask "by whom".
It is obvious.
Accountability will never happen at R8.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Schweich chose to kick off his anti-corruption campaign in Joplin because he didn't find anything here.

I haven't been following that this closely, but it makes perfect sense.

With so much post-tornado money sloshing into Joplin, the odds that there was absolutely no corruption are 0. Although Huff and the board might skate on some stuff that happened during the genuine emergency to open the schools by the end of summer.

But even then, I'm betting the city of Joplin and Joplin R-VIII are target rich environments for the auditors.

Anonymous said...

Kick off our own window chalk campaign...

"Was it really For the Kids?"

Who's in?