Monday, January 04, 2016

Brunner: I will stand with Missourians to fight Obama's gun actions

(From John Brunner for Governor)

This week President Obama is expected to issue an executive action on gun control measures. Our office holders in Missouri have a constitutional duty tofight against attacks on our inalienable rights.

On day one as Governor, I will immediately use every legal means available to defend our constitutional rights, to protect ourselves and our families as guaranteed by our 2nd Amendment. My administration will send a clear message: Any federal or state laws which infringe on our constitutional right to keep and bear arms will be immediately challenged in court.

As a life-long constitutional conservative and a United States Marine, I am ready to lead the fight to protect our U.S. Constitution and our Missouri Constitution. Our next governor must be ready on day one to stand up to any President, regardless of party, on the side of the people against egregious federal overreach. The battle-line is clear, I will stand with Missourians ready to fight back.

Join me NOW and sign the online petition to fight back!


Anonymous said...

Yes, because making sure a mentally ill person doesn't buy a gun means that your right to bear arms is being taken away.

Anonymous said...

7:24: "Mentally ill" as defined by the gun grabbers is more than half the population (or all, many say simply wanting to own a gun show that). Since the Clinton administration it includes all veterans who report PTSD to the VA or military health system, in the age of Obama anyone who even temporarily has someone else handle his finances. This sort of dragnet sweeps up millions of people who've demonstrated they can responsibly own guns, and strongly discourages them from getting help from mental health professionals.

Anonymous said...

"gun grabbers?" "dragnet?"