Friday, January 29, 2016

Billy Long: I will fight to keep North Korea and Iran from reaching their goals

(From Seventh District Congressman Billy Long)

Less than a month into the New Year, military aggressions from North Korea and Iran have already raised debate over what actions America should take in response. For both nations, these muscle-flexing antics are just the latest in a long list of provocations against the U.S., which only underscore the need for swift condemnation and increased caution toward relaxed nuclear policies.

On January 6th, North Korea claimed to have successfully conducted its first hydrogen bomb test. Just six days later, hours before President Obama's final State of the Union Address, Iran took ten American sailors into their custody. Before the sailors were released, they were forced to kneel while the lone female sailor was forced to wear a hijab. The Iranians also coerced an apology out of one of our sailors at gunpoint, which was broadcasted on Iranian television for the "mistake" of non-aggressively skirting Iran's waters. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran, has publicly capitalized on the stunt, calling the sailors' arrest "God's deed" and symbolic of Iran's "might" over the U.S.

Likewise, following North Korea's alleged H-bomb test, they propagated America as a "gang of cruel robbers" who plan to destroy North Korea. This came days after North Korean authorities arrested a college student from Virginia they are still detaining for an unspecified "hostile act." As in the past, however, it's most likely that he's being unjustly held as a negotiation pawn.

North Korea's claim has spurred scrutiny over what bomb was actually tested. However, it is clear to many experts that this test indicates that their nuclear capabilities are advancing. Iran's nuclear advancements have also been shrouded due to decades of non-compliance with U.N. inspectors, strategic facility concealments, and outright lies.

Since reports of the hydrogen bomb test in North Korea and sailors' capture in Iran, I've received many calls from constituents asking what can be done. I remain opposed to the administration's nuclear deal with Iran. It has a litany of reckless flaws and we must realize that Iran - like North Korea and other nations under totalitarian rule - have proven untrustworthy of the reasonable expectation that they'd adhere to any agreement at all.

The House of Representatives is already working to send a strong message that the United States will not tolerate these provocations. With a resounding 418-2 margin on January 12th, I helped the House pass the "North Korea Sanctions Enforcement Act," which blocks North Korea's access to hard currency and sanctions financiers that aid their missile programs. It also ensures that anyone who conducts business to bolster North Korea's policies cannot be contracted by the U.S. government.

The House is also fighting against some of the most egregious aspects of the administration's Iran nuclear deal, and will vote on the "Iran Terror Finance Transparency Act" this February. As the deal stands, America's ability to sanction bad actors in Iran - like Bank Saderat or the National Iranian Oil Company, which have been used to transfer money to terror groups and the regime – could be severely weakened. This bill would restrict the president's ability to remove sanctions without certifications from Congress that the entities or individuals in question have not facilitated funding for terror groups or have been connected to proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

I will continue fighting any policies that would allow North Korea or Iran to get one step closer to their goals. As long as their nations prove untrustworthy, we should be showing them condemnation instead of offering olive branch agreements which will only continue to enable dangerous lusts for power.


Anonymous said...

Billy Billy. Didn't your school teachers ever caution you not to use words if you don't know what they mean?

Likewise, following North Korea's alleged H-bomb test, they propagated America as a "gang of cruel robbers" who plan to destroy North Korea.


Propagated is what the farmer did with his livestock and crops he saved seed for to plant.

Now then, maybe you thought you were saying the North Koreans were propagating America a "gang of cruel robbers", but you dint.

Best be listening to fewer Sarah Palin speeches so as to be able to get more directly to the point of your speechifying or presser releasin.

Anonymous said...

Dennis Rodman is better prepared to deal with North Korea than the auctioneer is.

Anonymous said...

You have to give the auctioneer credit where credit is due. Let me know if this ever happens, I'll get in line to buy him a chicken dinner.

Anonymous said...

As if I didn't have enough to worry about, what with the ISIS Terrorist Billy Long told me was hiding under my bed just waiting for a chance to cut my throat, now I have to worry about the North Korean and the Iranian under there too. Maybe we should take Billy's advice and just go ahead and start World War Three. Hey, I know that most of you do not believe a word Billy Long says, however, I have it on good authority that he is picking up great intelligence at the poker tables in Los Vegas.

Anonymous said...

Now now now. Stop picking on our elected hick. After all, Billy does not write those little quips, his staff does. I ask you, would any decent intelligent person with skills work for our Billy. Times are tough, but really, a vast majority of the people do have their limits on what they will do for the buck.
By the way, it must be getting close to election time as he has had more blobs on
Turner Report in the last few months. Should he really get free election time or maybe he is paying Turner for the space. Naw, Randy also has more scruples than the other blob, Joplin Globe, to stoop that low. Keep up the good work Randy and you hang in there Billy, those that ride the short bus with you will keep you coming back for years to come.

Anonymous said...

Billy why all the concern is North Korea holding an all you can eat buffet hostage.

Anonymous said...

Billy Long is the best thing that has happened to Southwest Missouri since Prohibition. Nobody wants a Congressman who actually does anything to change their lives or to fill their wallets. We want a guy who will fight the battles that were lost years ago.

Anonymous said...

I heard Billy already hired a ghostwriter to write his gubmint service memoir.

Gonna be titled "Confederacy of Dunces" or "Big Chicken Dinner? Sign Me Up!!"

Anonymous said...

As much as we want a "do nothing" Congressman, I have to admit that ole Billy is making it harder to get him reelected. You see, even stupid voters get "fed up" with incompetence eventually.

Anonymous said...

"...even stupid voters get 'fed up' with incompetence eventually" If that were only true, but I see no evidence that it is.