Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ron Richard raises $212,000 during last three months of 2015

Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard, R-Joplin, is not running for anything this year. His campaign committee filings on the Missouri Ethics Commission website say he is running for some unspecified statewide office in 2020.

Nevertheless, the most powerful man in the Senate received $212,875.66 in campaign contributions during the last three months of 2015, including 68 contributions of $1,000 or above.

The biggest contribution, $20,000 came from the Grow Missouri committee financed by retired billionaire Rex Sinquefield.

Those contributing $5,000 or more to the Richard campaign were:

$5,000 Missouri Optometic PAC
$5,000 Health PAC
$5,000 Express Scripts
$5,000 Missouri Health Care Association
$7,500 Blue Cross and Blue Shield
$10,000 Missouri Hospital Association
$10,000 Ameren
$5,000 Empire District Electric Company
$5,000 Rudy Farber, Neosho
$5,000 David Humphreys, Joplin
$5,000 Missouri Soybean Association
$10,000 Supporters of Health Research and Treatments
$20,000 Grow Missouri

Others giving $1,000 or more to Richard include interests from the pharmaceutical industry, payday loans, casinos, the banking industry, developers, and others.

Richard reported spending $68,293.92, leaving him with $584,745.97 in his campaign account.

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