Saturday, January 30, 2016

Republic takes to Facebook in effort to retain Joplin waste hauling service

Republic Services has taken to Facebook and direct mail in an effort to hold on to its trash hauling contract for the City of Joplin.

The Joplin City Council will vote Monday night on a recommendation to award the contract to Waste Corporation of Missouri.

Joplin residents received the direct mail pitch from Republic late in the week. 

The Facebook message reads as follows:

ATTN: Residents of Joplin, MO.

Your city staff members are recommending changing your provider of waste services on February 1, 2016, at the 6:00 PM City Council meeting. You could potentially miss out on the benefits of your current service, including:

• Excellent service and great value
• 10-year history with your city
• Extra garbage carts at no additional charge
• The risk of service loss from switching
• And much more!

Contact your City Council members by phone or email. You're invited to attend the meeting to show your support for your current preferred provider.

The message on the direct mail emphasized Republic's 10 years of service to the city, referring to the company as "Joplin's Trusted Trash Provider," and adding "You deserve the lowest trash price and the most reliable service

"Given the 10-year history, no interruptions or changes to service, and that Republic is the LOWEST trash price, WHY WOULD JOPLIN SWITCH?"

The reasons for the proposed change were spelled out in a release issued Friday by the City of Joplin, which can be found at this link.


Anonymous said...

One dollar less and a cheap option for recycle services? Pretty easy to see why they switched.

Anonymous said...

Plus it looks like WCA will pay 150k annually to fix streets and alleys their trucks damage. Can Repulic offer more than that?

Anonymous said...

I remember calling Republic after the huge snow dump in 2011. They could not make it down our street the first day, understandable. The next 2 weeks, after our street was cleared, they still said that we would have to wait because it was too dangerous. Apparently if they miss your house, they would no go back or detour from the route alignment. You have to wait until your turn comes around again. I asked if we would not be billed for not having our trash picked up for 3 weeks. The lady stated no, we still have to pay because if you leave all the garbage out it is still being picked up.