Thursday, January 21, 2016

Brunner on State of the State: We need a lot less talk and a lot more action

(From the John Brunner for Governor campaign)

Missouri Republican gubernatorial candidate John Brunner today issued the following statement in response to Governor Jay Nixon’s State of the State speech:

“Missourians deserve a lot less talk and a lot more action. Governor Nixon’s vetoes have been overridden more times than any other governor in Missouri history. Those who fail to lead will always be run over.

“The Governor has had seven years to lead the legislature on the crucial issues facing Missouri, and has failed on almost every accord. Our roads have deteriorated past the point where we can no longer make even the basic repairs, businesses and people are moving from the state at a quickened pace, our children are falling behind in education, our higher education system has become a national laughingstock, and our urban cores are crumbling. This failure of leadership is unacceptable and Missourians deserve better.

“Missourians deserve a Chief Executive who will work with our elected leaders as an active partner in our legislative process, not one who launches criticism from afar and only weighs in with a veto pen. This is not a partisan issue – this is a leadership issue. After seven years Missourians are no better off than when the Governor entered office, and his anointed successor – Chris Koster – if given the opportunity, would continue to take us down the same road to the very bottom. I will not let that happen. It’s time to rebuild Missouri for the next generation and it begins this year. The time is now to elect a citizen-leader, an experienced Chief Executive who can’t be bought.

“I commend House Republican leaders on their swift action to pass meaningful ethics reform at an unprecedented pace. These reforms are a positive step in the right direction and will bring more transparency and accountability to state government, and I urge the Senate to quickly pass the legislation and send to the Governor’s desk.

“On day one as governor I pledge to work with other reform-minded legislators to enact additional reforms, including those dealing specifically within the executive branch, and I will hold my staff to the highest and most stringent ethical standards – and in doing so we will restore the confidence of the citizens in Missouri.”

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