Friday, January 29, 2016

City officials explain Joplin solid waste contract

(From the City of Joplin)

During the February 1, 2016 meeting of the Joplin City Council, Council members will consider a five-year contract with Waste Corporation of Missouri, Inc. for a monthly rate of $11.79 for residents in one and two-family dwellings. The proposed contract, if approved, would go into effect April 1, 2016.

This is $1.06 less than the current rate being paid by residents, which is $12.85.

Residents will receive a new 95 gallon polycart. In addition to the trash service, WCA provides weekly curbside bulky item pick-up on their same days of trash service without having to schedule the pick-up as has been required in the past.

Residents would also have a choice to opt in to receive curbside recycling pick-up for $15.79 per month, which is only $2.94 more than the current price for trash. This option would be decided on an individual basis. A separate recycling polycart will be provided with this service.


The City published a Request for Proposal (RFP) in October of 2015. The purpose of requesting proposals for trash service is to ask proponents to provide proposals in response to the specifications required by the City. The RFP spelled out the scope of work and quality of service to be provided by the successful proponent. The City received three proposals on December 15th. A Selection Committee of four staff members and one member of the Solid Waste Commission reviewed the proposals. After review and evaluation of the proposals, Waste Corporation of Missouri, Inc. was identified as the best and lowest cost proponent.

Other items to note:

“Residential” service is defined as One & Two family dwellings, not multi-family. Any multi-family dwelling units and all commercial/industrial customers will be able to contract with any licensed waste hauler of their choosing.

Residents will have a choice to select between the Trash Only option or to select the Trash plus Curbside Recycling option.

Once a contract is in place, City will be working with the Vendor to implement a program of communicating with all potential customers in order to document their selected option.

The City’s contract with the transfer station (where people take their larger items, near Galena) is not related to this contract for residential trash service. It will be bid at a later date.

The Joplin Recycling Center will continue to operate as usual for residents who want to use the facility. The Center accepts items that won't be accepted by the hauler on curbside recycling such as glass containers and household chemicals. The Center will also continue to serve residents and businesses that are not part of the WCA contract.


Anonymous said...

Please help me understand. The new company had the low bid AND allow people to opt-in if they want to recycle. Why are people complaining?

Anonymous said...

People aren't, the Republic losing bidder is. It appears they lost and with it a nice cozy contract they have enjoyed for too long.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for going with the low bid. No comment there.

BUT this whole recycling fiasco--not so happy. Supposedly this glorious curbside recycling will only accept part of the recyclables (so I will still have to cart the rest over to that ridiculous recycling center anyway) AND I have to pay them an extra $3 a month to do it? And exactly how much does the "recycling" center cost us every year to sort the items dumped there before they go to the landfill, since there isn't a market for most of the crap they collect? Yes, other cities make a go of this--clearly Joplin doesn't--time to get a new recycling manager as we get a new collection contract?!?!

Anonymous said...

I am all for low bid also, The losing contractor for trash service is stirring all this crap and ultimately showing the city leaders and residents just how childish they are and that they do not understand what the city officials want and the fact that we as a city need to catch up to the 21st century. I will say that if the whole proposal that was submitted by all contractors were publicized everyone understand everything and totally understand why the city is going the way they are going.