Thursday, January 21, 2016

Americans for Prosperity responds to State of the State message

(From Americans for Prosperity Missouri)

Today, Americans for Prosperity Missouri Deputy State Director Rachel Payton released the following statement regarding Gov. Nixon's speech last night:

"Honestly, it's disappointing to hear Governor Nixon deceive the people of Missouri. Our organization fights for limited government and policy that helps Missourians achieve their dreams, but nothing Governor Nixon said last night was honest. Gov. Nixon said that Missouri is better off than it was 7 years ago, but why is it that we still rank in the bottom 20 percent of most economic indicators? Our GDP ranks 46th in the country and we have been ranked 42nd in economic performance. Things are not better!"

She continued, "The Governor spent a lot of time last night talking about the plans he had for spending taxpayer dollars, but what about cutting spending? One of our major concerns this year is focused on fighting Medicaid expansion, as we know it hasn't worked in several other states. We would like to thank Speaker Richardson and Senate President Pro Tem Richard for their commitment to fighting this battle as well. We will continue to fight for the Missouri taxpayers and educate them on the issues that affect them every day."

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