Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Ace Mohr arrested with guitars stolen from Newton County church

Ace Mohr, 23, Carthage, will be arraigned before Judge Joseph Hensley in Jasper County Circuit Court Thursday morning on a charge of receiving stolen property.

Joplin Police arrested Mohr Saturday at Ernie Williamson Music, 925 South Range Line Road, with guitars stolen from a Newton County church and drug paraphernalia, according to the probable cause statement from Officer Joshua Dykstra.

At the time of his arrest, Mohr was already out on bond awaiting trial on seven felony counts involving possession and trafficking in heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine. The JPD arrested Mohr eight days ago following an armed robbery at 7th and Moffet on robbery, armed criminal action, and possession of a controlled substance. The prosecuting attorney's office has not filed any charges in connection with that arrest.

The probable cause statement on Mohr's most recent arrest is printed below:

On 9-3-2016, I was dispatched to suspicious activity at 925 South Range Line Road, Joplin, Jasper County MO (Ernie Williamson Music). Upon arrival, I was advised by an employee that Ace Mohr was in possession of guitars that were previously reported as stolen from a church burglary in Newton County, Missouri. The guitars were reported stolen on 9-2-2016.

The victim, Darrin Brower, reported the musical instruments as stolen during the burglary investigation and they were placed into MULES as stolen by serial numbers. Brower responded to the scene and identified the guitars Mohr was in possession of as the ones that were stolen during the burglary. Darrin Brower stated the guitars were valued at $5,600.

Before conducting a search incident to arrest of Mohr's person he made the statement that he had a needle in his front left pocket of his jeans. I found a capped needle in Mohr's front left pocket. From my training and experience, I recognized this needle as drug paraphernalia. Also, a narcotic dog alerted to the driver side door of the van Mohr was driving. While searching the van, I found a needle in the door panel of the driver side door that field tested positive for methamphetamine. 

Mohr was arrested and transported to the Joplin City Jail and the guitars were removed from MULES as stolen and both needles were placed into evidence.

Judge Hensley set Mohr's bond at $10,000, cash only.


Anonymous said...

So the syringe field tested positive for meth and he was only charged with receiving stolen property?

Anonymous said...

He's been arrested?

All righty then!

What's next?

Another round of catch and release?

One more time on how a lack of political will to fund drug addiction treatment saves the taxpayer money and serves the electorate?

Anonymous said...

Will wonders never cease?

Anonymous said...

Dean Dankleson

And now he's a judge ...

Anonymous said...

No charge for drugs again? Twice in one week and Jasper County doesn't charge him for possession? What is up with Jasper County?
Maybe Newton County won't be so kind to him for burglary.

Anonymous said...

Newton county would have to prove he was the one who burglarized the church. Just being in possession of the stolen items doesn't do that, so more than likely no charges in that county will be filed.

Anonymous said...

Ace sounds like a snitch for the county. That's why they let him slide